561 Portable Streetball Unit

Designed to play 3-on-3 (streetball)

Easy height adjustment of the board with a rim, supported by hydraulic cylinders.

Durable rubber wheels for easier moving the set.

The kit includes:
Rectangular board – size 120 x 90 cm (thickness 5 cm), made of polypropylene,
waterproof, hole pattern for the rim in accordance with European standards (110 x 90 mm).
Rim – European hole pattern (110 x 90 mm),
made of solid steel bar ø17 mm,
rim supports made of steel rod ø13 mm,
5 mm thick back plate, powder painted,
complete with a grid (12 catches), withstands loads 240 kg.
Metal construction – powder coated.
Front padding.

The set requires a minimum load of 150 kg (ballast is not included in the set).
Foldable, takes up relatively little space during storage.
Complete with all necessary fasteners.

Set 560-150 – with transparent backboard model 150

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