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Playing with friends or training to become a pro in the future?

We offer almost 150 sports products for professional and amateur use. let us advise you on the best solutions for creating a sports facility in your neighborhood, school or in the garden of your house.

Our offer

We will advise and implement
your sports investment.

We dedicate an experienced design team, efficient assembly teams, and we will equip your field with sports equipment and give a guarantee.

Sports surface

COURTY™ is a healthy lifestyle and a durable and convenient solution for outdoor and indoor courts.

COURTY™ is a certified modular polypropylene surface.
ideal for building basketball, volleyball courts, tennis courts and multi-purpose courts. It is also perfect for roller skating or floor hockey (approved by skaters). Polypropylene surfaces are extremely safe for the joints and spines of users. And there are more benefits about them you can discover with us. COURTY™ surface is certified by International Handball Federation (IHF). The SURE SHOT ™ basketball equipment used on COURTY™ surfaces is the official equipment certified by the FIBA ​​International Basketball Federation.

We manufacture three types of COURTY™ surface

Indoor courts

COURTY™ indoor surface designed for halls, gyms and sports facilities under roofs. (full tiles)

Solid tiles laid on a shock-absorbing mat, intended for internal use only.

A surface module designed for indoor courts

Outdoor courts

COURTY™ outdoor surface for multi-purpose sports fields and tennis courts.

Openwork tiles available in many colours, laid on concrete or asphalt.

A surface module designed for outdoor playing fields

Roller-skating facilities

COURTY™ surface can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Openwork tiles available in many colours.

A surface module designed for roller-skating facilities

What will be your COURTY™ sporting place?


Featured products

Sports equipment and services

We are a producer of sports equipment and contractor of professional sports courts, both public and private. We are active ourselves and we are passionate about various sports, especially football, tennis, basketball and volleyball. We build useful sports facilities and manufacture equipment for all those who play sports.

Our flagship product is the COURTY™ surface - it meets basketball, volleyball, tennis and many other sports enthusiasts. Our SURE SHOT™ basketball equipment with FIBA certificate is used by both professionals and amateurs. Our company catalogue contains over 150 sports products.

What sports equipment will you find in our catalogue?
We have over 150 ready products for various sports. From basketball sets, volleyball posts, through football gates, outdoor tennis tables, football cages, athletics equipment, to sports stands and fully equipped multi-functional pitches.