A professional portable backstop unit
certified by the Polish Institute of Sport for compliance with the EN-1270 standards.

- Extension arm 325 cm.
- Manual operation using a screw-crank mechanism (no power source required).
- Buckles that close and stiffen the unit in the "play" position, thanks to which the stand has exceptional stiffness even in "aggressive" play (slam dunking).
- Sliding on wheels (nylon wheels).
- Compact size in storing position (1835 x 4850 mm, height 1940 mm).

MacShot features:
Steel construction - powder coated.
Model 197 glass backboard - dimensions 180 x 105 cm, made of tempered glass, pane thickness 10 mm, glass pane set in an extruded aluminum frame, lines burned in the glass. Cut glass at the point of contact between the board and the rim, which means that the rim does not touch the glass pane, and the forces are transferred to the steel construction of the unit.
Three backboard attachment points.
Model 298 rim with net- certified by the Polish Institute of Sport, meets all FIBA ​​requirements, the "positive lock" system - a latch that keeps the rim locked up to a load of 80 kg. Safe net attachment preventing the possibility of fimger injuries.
Stand paddings.
Backboard padding.
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