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For home use.

The kit includes –
Steel pole –
powder coated, ø90 mm, consists of 3 parts.
Rigid boom –
attached to the pole with two U-bolts that allow you to attach the plate with the rim at the desired height.
The board –
made of polypropylene, dimension 112 x 73 cm, thickness 2 cm,
attached directly to the pole with two clamps, which allows hanging the rims at the desired height (height recommended for adults
305 cm, for children 245-275 cm).
Rim –
made of solid steel bar ø15 mm,
supports made of solid steel bar ø10 mm,
hole spacing 72 x 63 mm, powder coated,
complete with a grid (12 catches).
Plastic ballast base –
to be filled with water or sand, or a mixture of water and sand, on wheels.

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