Multisport Arena

Multisport Arena – playground for outdoor sport activities in a safe environment.

In-ground mounted, can be easily disassembled.
All steel parts: fence and goals are weather resistant, hot zinc coated – 10 years antirust warranty.
Reliable finishing and protection of all components allows to minimize the maintaining costs.
All components can be easily replaced if broken or damaged. Size and design can be adapted to individual needs and requirements.
Can be installed on already existing concrete or asphalt surface.
Multisport Arena and all containing sports equipment (goals, side basketball units, basketball backboards and basketball goals ) are safety tested. All components of the construction, like the border fence and the sports equipment are manufactured in the factory in compliance with ISO 9001 norm.

Multisport Arena is recommended by FIBA.
The publication “FIBA Outdoor Project” is a guidebook to help and support national federations, clubs, communes, and governments of countries involved into promotion of basketball, pointed Multisport Arena as the best playground solution for outdoor basketball.
“FIBA Outdoor Project” is a progressive project in which FIBA has established principles of basketball played outdoor and principles of outdoor playgrounds where the young players first are introduced to basketball. On outdoor playgrounds they practice their basketball skills and there talents may arise to pursue in careers in amateur championships and professional competitions.

Multisport Arena is intended for public places:
parks, schools, commune yards.
The possibility of special designs of the playground according to individual requirements allow to build the playground for adults or youth (larger sizes, standard size goals, higher baskets etc.) or for children (smaller sizes, smaller goals, lower baskets).
The playground for children may have an entrance constructed to define the maximum height of the users (If you are taller than this bar… you don’t belong in this playground).
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