Basketball set

Has the Institute of Sport certificate

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It is certified by the Institute of Sport
Popular, especially in the United States,
very durable set for concreting.

The kit includes:
Pole – made of ø114 mm steel pipe, projection 160cm,
galvanized, 8 years corrosion protection.
Model 170 or 171 board – laminated, rectangular,
with dimensions of 120 x 90 cm or 180 x 105.
Rim model 263 – European hole spacing (110 x 90 mm),
made of steel rod ø16 mm,
rim supports made of steel rod ø15 mm ,
5 mm thick back plate, powder coated,
additional reinforcing rib, complete with net (12 catches).

The set withstands loads up to 270 kg.

Optionally with a steel well for easy assembly.

It is possible to replace a laminated
board with a board made of transparent Plexiglas with 277 hinged hoop.

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