Polyurethane surface and artificial turf


Polyurethane surfaces can be installed on asphalt, concrete or broken stone foundation.

Uneven base does not affect straight level of polyurethane surface because our machines have

a system that adjusts the leveling.


These surfaces feature high flexibility, good amortization what assures safety and comfort for

the users. They are made of polyurethane resins and rubber granulate mixture - SBR and EPDM.


Our company uses high quality components made by well known international producers,

they have ITB recommendation, hygienic certificates, warranties.


Polyurethane surfaces are mostly made in green or brick-red color but the pallete of colors

is very wide so that colors can be selected according customers wish.


Artificial Grass


Artificial grass can be installed on asphalt, concrete or broken stone foundation. Short grass

(15-20mm length of nap) covered with sand is mainly applied on Multisport courts.

Playgrounds made in such technology are usually in green but it is possible to use an other color e.g. brick-red.


Longer grass (40-60mm length of nap) is usually applied on soccer fields. This grass is covered

with sand and SBR or EPDM granulate.

Soccer grass is made in green color (usually in one or two shades of green).

Polyurethane surface - Orlik 2012
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